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Ready Steady Riders are passionate about child development, early learning through play, and giving children the freedom to explore their world on 2 wheels!

``I believe in you all, a person's a person no matter how small`` - Dr Seuss

About Us

​“Hi I’m Karen! Better known as Kaz or Kazzi.  I am a nursery nurse, BMX racer and former mx rider. I founded Ready Steady Riders in September 2016, 6 months after buying my daughter a strider bike for her 2nd birthday. We decided life is better behind bars, and it’s been an awesome ride so far!

​Riding a bike is a life skill, independence, a foundation for healthy, active lifestyles, and possibly the best gift you can give a child. This belief and value is at the heart of all Ready Steady Riders are and do” -Coach Kazzi

To a toddler a balance bike so much more than just a bike, it’s a valuable tool for learning essential life skills, and gateway to freedom and independence.

By providing children with a bike that they can ride easily from the age of 1 they learn to ride a bike as easily as they learn to walk. Balance, coordination, speed perception and control are all mastered before pedals are introduced. Balance bike riders bypass stabilisers and make the transition to pedals and brake levers smoothly and effortlessly.

Strider bikes are designed to be simple yet effective. The 12 inch are seriously hard-wearing, ergonomically designed with some clever features and light as a feather. They work perfectly for kids and are convenient for parents.

Strider have also made the perfect learning tool for riders ready to progress to pedal propulsion. The 14x Sport converts from a balance to a pedal bike in just 3 minuts and has changed the “learn to ride” game.

Strider is more than just early rider focused design. It’s a community based around Strider racing, events, and local coaching sessions. They even hold an annual World Championship!

Our Team

  • Kazzi

    Strider Mom, Nursery Nurse, BMX Racer

  • Sophie

    Photographer, BMX Racer, Big Kid

  • Rhianon

    Strider racing veteran

    Demo Rider

Mission Statement

To support children to develop an appreciation for a life behind handle bars.


We run a balance bike only and a mixed pedal and balance bike session for children age 1-6.
By giving children the opportunity to ride together in a safe and encouraging environment, we promote the development of early cycle skills and self confidence.
We operate on a rock up and ride basis so there is no need to prebook. Free equipment hire is available on a first come first served basis.
For more info search Ready Steady Riders at Follow our social media for updates.


You provide the space and we do the rest…
1 hour of Strider bike fun, upto 10x 12inch strider balance bikes and helmets, a course to ride including ramps, some fun races and a medal for the birthday rider and stickers for all is priced at £100. Logistic charges apply to venues over an hour drive from our HQ. Indoor and outdoor venues are acceptable, smooth riding surfaces are preferable. Message us for enquiries, to check availability, and venue recommendations.


Ready Steady Riders RACING is every bit as awesome as it sounds. The term “racing” is used lightly. These events are designed to build confidence and inspire children to grow and achieve, whilst having fun with friends, and winning medals! Children age 1-6 can compete on 12 or 14 inch balance bikes.
To register for our upcoming race on the 6th October 2019 click the ``join in`` button.


Take the EYFS to infinity and beyond with Ready Steady Riders.
We are based in North Birmingham and offer education providers the opportunity to deliver Strider sessions to children age 1 – 6 years. We also offer story telling sessions to introduce children to bike and safety basics.
These sessions support multiple policies within the education setting.
For more information please contact us.

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